1. "I am running for office because I want positive change. I believe in equality, in opportunity, in self-determination and in transforming hate and resisting violence."





Andi is a tribal member, a strong woman and an educated and experienced leader.  She has the courage to act.  She is not afraid to speak up and speak out on issues important to the reservation as well as the State of Wyoming.  



Whether you are experienced in political campaigning or are newly interested in politics and looking for ways to get involved -- we'd love to have you volunteer for the Clifford campaign!




Grassroots donations are what will make Andi's campaign a success.  Donations of any amount help get the word out about her run for office and give her more opportunities to talk face-to-face with neighbors in Wyoming House District 33.  Can you donate today?



“Andi is an independent, creative individual that you want in a leadership position. For me, this is the year of the woman. And I really think it’s going to happen.” - former Representative Patrick Goggles (D-33) introducing Andi Clifford to the 2018 State Democratic Convention”